Acme Valley Values

putting the care into our craft


Indulgence shouldn’t come at a cost to our environment or ethics, which is why each of our flavors has Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients. We are proud to support Fair Trade USA’s mission to create a more equitable global trade model that benefits farmers, workers, consumers, industry and the planet.

Each of these Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients was produced in an ethical manner, requiring sustainable farming methods, safe working conditions, and no child or slave labor. The list of things to worry about in the world is long enough, so we keep our products off of it.


To our gluten-free friends–WE SEE YOU.

Everyone deserves to enjoy full strength ice cream made the right way, so we’ve eliminated all gluten from our products and facilities. You can trust that every container of Acme Valley is gluten free and full of pure joy.

Washington State Cows & Crops

We use locally sourced ingredients whenever we can.

All of our milk and cream comes from the Pacific Northwest and our berries are grown by farmers in nearby counties. We know that every ingredient matters, and we rely on and happily support our neighbors using the best resources they have to offer.

our Handcrafted Touch

The best ice cream is made by hand, so that’s what we do. We make our own ice cream bases, bake our own brownies, roast our own pecans, and oversee every facet of production with our expert craftsmen.

It all comes down to making sure our full strength ice cream reflects our dedication to creating a pure and simple treat for all to enjoy.