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Visit our flagship scoop shop & cafe in the heart of Fairhaven, WA where you can get exclusive flavors of Acme Valley Ice Cream with a healthy dose of fresh coffee, espresso, handmade baked good, pies, cookies and more!

1021 Harris Ave
Bellingham, WA 98225

Open Every Day
Sun-Thu 10am - 6pm
Fri & Sat 10am - 7pm
Call us (360) 366-8135

- Cafe MENU -

ALLERGEN NOTE: Some ice creams contain tree nuts and peanuts. We do our best to prevent cross-contamination, but cannot guarantee trace amounts of peanuts or tree nuts are not present in other ice creams. Please be aware of this and ask our staff if you have any more questions.

Butter Pecan

Toasted pecans bring out the wonderful nutty sweetness of each pecan that goes into our classic Butter Pecan

Chocolate Chip

Guittard chocolate is our favorite, especially paired with ice cream. Using a classic secret technique, every bite of our Chocolate Chip ice cream is full of chocolate shavings that melt in your mouth

Dark Chocolate

Simple. Decadent. Rich. What more do you want from a dark chocolate ice cream?


A “pick-me-up in a cup”, our Espresso is loaded with enough Moka Joe coffee to get you through the day

Fudge Brownie

Each gluten-free brownie is made from scratch and hand-chopped to give you the perfect bite of ooey gooey fudge in every mouthful

Mint Chip

Our chocolate chip ice cream with a cool, minty bite to cool you down


Strawberries and cream are a match made in ice cream heaven - period

Vanilla Bean

The finest Madagascar vanilla beans put this vanilla ice cream over the top. We don’t believe in “just plain vanilla”

Rotating Seasonal Flavors

We have many flavors throughout the year that are often seasonal due to the nature of the ingredients. Some favorites to watch out for are Amaretto, Banana Split, Eggnog, Lemon Blueberry, Mixed Berry, Blueberries & Cream, Raspberry Chip & more!


served in a cup or cone


two scoops of ice cream and milk, blended and topped with fresh whipped cream

hot fudge sundae

scoops of your choice topped with fresh whipped cream and toasted almonds


a shot of espresso poured over one scoop of our Vanilla Bean ice cream

ice cream sandwich

your favorite ice cream sandwiched between two cookies of your choice

Root Beer Float

our ice cream swimming in a sea of root beer

ice Cream Flight

six scoops in one taster flight

all drinks available hot or cold

Brewed Coffee

12 oz $2.00
16 oz $2.50
20 oz $3.00

cold Brew

12 oz $3.50
16 oz $4.00
20 oz $4.50


12 oz $2.75
16 oz $3.25
20 oz $3.75

Latte / Cappuccino

12 oz $3.75
16 oz $4.25
20 oz $4.75


12 oz $4.00
16 oz $4.50
20 oz $5.00

White Mocha

12 oz $4.00
16 oz $4.50
20 oz $5.00


12 oz $2.75
16 oz $3.25
20 oz $3.75

Espresso Shot

single $1.75
double $2.75

Box of Coffee



soy / almond / coconut / oat / breve +.70
extra shot/flavor +.50
add syrup +.50

coffee 'n ice cream +1.59

Non-coffee Drinks

Chai Latte

12 oz $4.00
16 oz $4.50
20 oz $5.00

Hot Chocolate

12 oz $2.75
16 oz $3.25
20 oz $3.75

Matcha (Green Tea)

12 oz $4.00
16 oz $4.50
20 oz $5.00

Italian Cream Soda

12 oz $3.25
16 oz $3.50
20 oz $3.75

hot tea

12 oz $2.00
16 oz $2.25
20 oz $2.50


Individually handmade, flaky crust filled with various rotating fruit fillings.

Carrot Cake

double layered, moist spice cake made with freshly grated carrots and our classic cream cheese icing


rotating flavors and availability

Banana bread

super ripe bananas make for the perfect sweetener in our classic banana bread

Savory Biscuit

flakey biscuit with goat cheese, cheddar, and green onion

Fudge Walnut Brownie

rich and decadent - this is your classic brownie turned up a notch with roasted walnuts and three different types of chocolate


fresh-baked every day, we've got chocolate chip, oatmeal, molasses, double chocolate walnut, funfetti, and more

Coffee Cake

light and moist simple cake with a crumbly, buttery layer of cinnamon sugar throughout, topped with freshly roasted walnuts

Cinnamon Roll

scratch made fresh each day - rolled with heavily buttered, cinnamon sugar, walnut filling and topped with our classic cream cheese icing

acme valley "pop tart"

frosted buttery pastry with fruity filling - a true classic

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