Our Process is Our Product

You only get what you give
in the world of ice cream

Banana Walnut? I'll take two scoops please.

Making the best from the best

It all starts with our raw ingredients.

We keep things neighborly, with our milk, cream, berries and coffee all locally sourced from our surrounding counties. We are confident that when you start with awesome ingredients you get awesome ice cream. Who else can you trust to deliver on that promise than your own friends down the road?

Starting from Scratch

Going against the grain isn’t easy, but watching people eat air-filled ice cream isn’t either.

We’ve rethought every process making ice cream "the easy way" in order to make ice cream "the way it should be" - translating old world techniques and methods and updating them to work in a modern production setting. Through creative engineering (and a little elbow grease) we’ve built entirely new machinery catered to our exact needs.

Nobody else makes the ice cream we do, and the proof is in every spoonful.

What the Other Brands Don't Tell You

The majority of ice cream brands inject anwhere from 20% to 50% of air into their product

This is a way to increase volume to fill the container. Think of it like buying a cup of whipped cream vs. a cup of pure liquid cream – the cup of pure liquid cream is always heavier than the cup of whipped cream because of how much air gets injected into the whipped cream. Feel the difference of Acme Valley vs. any other brand on shelf to discover what "no-air" really means (hint: we're much heavier, meaning more ice cream!). We make ice cream the original way from scratch with no air injected.

We don't want to sell you air.

Any way you look at it, we are proudly pound for the pound the best around.

That Crazy
"Taffy-like" Stretch

This is no accident.

This is what happens when you intentionally combine our full-fat/full-cream recipe with our zero tolerance policy for air. The result is a rich, creamy, stretchy treat unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted. Just the way we intended it.