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What is the "Acme Valley difference"?

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Acme Valley is a "no-injected air" product which create and indulgent factor like none other. We make and bake our brownies in house from scratch, we roast our own pecans to the perfect doneness. Oh, and did we mention we make all our bases in house with the best locally sourced materials we can find?

What does "No INJECTED Air" Mean?

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We believe air has no place in ice cream which is what lends to our density and taffy-like texture. Most brands fluff up their ice cream with 20-50% air, meaning you get less ice cream in every container.

FUN FACT: if you see a "frozen dessert" in the grocery store, that means that they injected OVER 50% air into their "ice cream" and have lost their privileges to call it ice cream.

Are you Gluten-Free?

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The Acme Valley Ice Cream manufacturing facility is certified by GFCO and all eight of our signature flavors are gluten-free. To ensure our products are gluten-free we use sanitation practices to clean between production runs, segregated storage, and we test each batch for gluten at an independent third party accredited laboratory.

What about allergies?

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All Acme Valley Ice Cream products contain milk and egg allergens. Our Fudge Brownie, Butter Pecan, and Banana Split contains tree nuts. Our Chocolate Peanut Butter contains peanuts. Acme Valley Ice Cream has shared equipment between these allergens, but we utilize sanitation and segregated storage practices to ensure there is not cross-contact of tree nuts to products that do not contain these allergens.

How long should I let my ice cream "temper"?

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"Tempering" our ice cream means letting it thaw outside of the freezer, either in the refrigerator or on the counter, for a bit in order to get the best texture and stretch from our ice cream. 10-15 minutes usually does the trick!

What is the shelf life in my freezer?

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Our ice cream is best within 12 months from production, giving you plenty of time to experience PURE JOY and finish that container! The "Best Buy" date is on the bottom of every container.

How do I get my favorite store to carry Acme Valley Ice Cream?

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We work hard to bring you the best full-strength ice cream around and want to make sure you have access to our products. Simply follow the link below to access our sell sheet. Take this request to your local store for distribution consideration.

I have a great flavor idea, how can I let you know?

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We love to hear feedback and flavor ideas from consumers. Please send these to hello@acmevalleyicecream.com.

How do I get coupons of ACME Valley?

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From time to time we send out free pint coupons to our loyal fans. Please follow us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter to become eligible for future promotions.

Is your packaging recyclable?

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Unfortunately, our packaging is not currently compostable nor recyclable due to the inner lining composed of petroleum-based plastic. We recognize the environmental impact that this has on our Earth and have been exploring options to source plant-based alternatives to conventional petroleum-based plastic.

Other ways that we aim to reduce our environmental impact is through utilizing compostable cups and utensils at our scoop shop and at events, as well as upgrading our recycling and compost at our production plant to reduce what we contribute to the landfill.

We know that there is always more we can be doing to protect our planet and are on a journey to do so!