Our Story


We use much more cream and we never add air to our ice cream, so you get thick and rich ice cream with a taffy-like texture. We use only fresh, local, hormone-free milk. We scratch-bake the brownies for our Fudge Brownie, melt and swirl the dark chocolate for our chocolate chip and freshly roast the nuts for our Butter Pecan. We partner with local berry farmers and coffee roasters for the tastiest, freshest ingredients around.


When it comes to ingredients, we believe the label should be short and sweet. At Acme Valley Ice Cream, that’s an easy ask. We source our cream locally from happy neighborhood cows and juicy berries grown in our surrounding farms. Exotic ingredients like our coffee, chocolate, and vanilla come from fair trade, single-origin, and premium growing locations around the world.

Sweetened naturally with cane sugar and never pumped up with air, Acme Valley Ice Cream is pure, unadulterated goodness. It all adds up to the thickest, richest experience possible proving once again that less really is more – in life and ice cream!