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Acme Valey Ice Cream is pure, unadulterated goodness. It all adds up to the thickest, richest experience possible proving once again that less really is more-in life and ice cream. When it comes to ingredients, we only source the best possible.

  • There’s no added air whipped into our ice cream, so…
    • Yes, it really is supposed to be that delightfully taffy-like in texture! (Zero Overrun!)
    • This Ice Cream should have a ‘pull’ to it as you scoop and a ‘bite’ as you enjoy!
    • Each pint actually weighs a full Imperial Pound, a feat with which no other brand in the freezer aisle could compare.
    • It’s Ultra-Premium which means ‘dense’ and ‘loaded with flavor’!
  • Ingredients that are thoughtfully sourced!
  • Milk and cream from local Whatcom County cows
  • rBGH free dairy = healthier for both people and cows! (recombinant bovine growth hormone, in case you’re ever on Jeopardy)
  • Only non-GMO pure granulated cane sugar!
  • Local berries, fresh ground coffee, and brownies made from scratch in-house!

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